Woensdag 20 december


12.40 – 13.35 uur

Codrin Kruijne MSc
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Woensdag 10 januari

Truths about deception

12.40 – 13.35 uur

Tilman Andris
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Woensdag 17 januari


12.40 – 13.35 uur

Dimitri Goossens
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Wednesday 25 October
12.40 – 13.35 hrs

The Age of the Algorithm

Spreker: Dr. Ansgar Koene

Locatie: Blauwe Zaal Auditorium

Complex society reduced to simplistic binary stereotypes?

In a world where AI algorithms have moved from toy tasks to influencing life altering decisions, what can engineers do to ensure that their work serves humanity?

Dr. Ansgar Koene is a Senior Research and Policy Impact Fellow at the Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute, University of Nottingham, and chairs the IEEE working group for the P7003 Standard for Algorithmic Bias Considerations.

This lecture is organized in cooperation with the TU/e Center for Humans & Technology. The symposium Machine Smarts & Human Values has been cancelled.


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