1 – 22 December
Daily from 10.00 – 21.00 hrs

Women’s rights today

Location: Metaforum

It's one hundred years since women protested for their rights and demanded the right to vote. Much has changed since then, but in many parts of the world women still play an inferior or submissive role. Where exactly do we stand, when it comes to the completion of equal rights for women?

This exhibition from Amnesty International explores the current status of women in various parts of the world like China, Iran, South Africa or Ireland. Based on cases of Amnesty International meet all kinds of young women who stand up and fight for their rights on education, equality, freedom and the right to dispose of their own body and sexuality. Their stories give a vibrant and dynamic view on various women's rights topics. This exhibition also challenges to rethink the current situation within the Western culture. Are women's rights as well secured as we are inclined to think or take for granted?


Free admission and no reservation needed.